Covalent immobilization-stabilization of β-1,4-endoxylanases from Trichoderma reesei: Production of xylooligosaccharides

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dc.contributor.author Martins de Oliveira, Sandro
dc.contributor.author Moreno Pérez, Sonia
dc.contributor.author Fanchini Terrasan, César Rafael
dc.contributor.author Romero Fernández, María
dc.contributor.author Fernandes Vieira, Marcelo
dc.contributor.author Guisan, José M.
dc.contributor.author Rocha Martín, Javier
dc.date.accessioned 2017-11-11T15:50:19Z
dc.date.available 2017-11-11T15:50:19Z
dc.date.issued 2018
dc.identifier.citation de Oliveira, S. M., Moreno-Perez, S., Terrasan, C. R. F., Romero-Fernández, M., Vieira, M. F., Guisan, J. M., & Rocha-Martin, J. (2018). Covalent immobilization-stabilization of β-1, 4-endoxylanases from Trichoderma reesei: Production of xylooligosaccharides. Process Biochemistry, 64, 170-176. spa
dc.identifier.issn 13595113
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/11268/6756
dc.description.abstract The production of xylooligosaccharides (XOS) was evaluated using immobilized and stabilized biocatalysts of a commercial enzymatic cocktail, Bioxilanase L PLUS (BIO), which is based on the xylanolytic enzymes produced by Trichoderma reesei. BIO was immobilized by multipoint covalent attachment on agarose beads highly activated with aldehyde groups under alkaline conditions (Ag-G BIO) resulting in a highly active and stable biocatalyst. Ag-G BIO was 10-fold more stable than soluble preparation at pH 7.0 and 60 ºC. Ag-G BIO was also physically modified by surface coating with polyethyleneimine (PEI) which promotes an ionic interaction with the anionic groups of the enzyme surface. Ag-G BIO covered with a layer of PEI 10 kDa (Ag-G BIO-PEI 10) was >100-fold more stable than soluble BIO preparation. The optimal biocatalyst (Ag-G BIO-PEI 10) allowed to perform ten cycles of beechwood xylan hydrolysis reaction at high concentration (4% (w/v)) with a high conversion degree (> 80%). Moreover, Ag-G BIO-PEI 10 reached 90% of conversion in only 8 hours and so, it could be used in short reaction times, which would extend its useful life, thus allowing its application for industrial processes. spa
dc.description.sponsorship National Brazilian Research Foundation (CNPq) (Process CsF 201683/2014- 8) spa
dc.description.sponsorship Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (IJCI-2014-19260) spa
dc.description.sponsorship Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (FPI; BES-2013-065396). spa
dc.language.iso eng spa
dc.subject.other Enzyme immobilization-stabilization spa
dc.subject.other Xylan hydrolysis spa
dc.title Covalent immobilization-stabilization of β-1,4-endoxylanases from Trichoderma reesei: Production of xylooligosaccharides spa
dc.type article spa
dc.description.impact 2.616 JCR (2017) Q2, 60/160 Biotechnology and applied microbiology, 49/137 Engineering, Chemical; Q3, 167/292 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology spa
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.procbio.2017.09.018
dc.rights.accessRights closedAccess spa
dc.subject.uem Microbiología spa
dc.subject.unesco Enzima spa
dc.subject.unesco Microbiología spa
dc.description.filiation UEM spa
dc.peerreviewed Si spa

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